The following scholarships /assistance are being awarded to the students as per the eligibility criteria.

1. AICTE Pragati Scholarship for girl students (only for Fresher’s) @Rs.50,000/Annum for all category having parental income Rs.8 lakh or less, which will be renewed in the subsequent year.
2. AICTE Saksham Scholarship for differently able students having disability 40% or more (only for Fresher) @Rs.50,000/ Annum for all category having parental incomers. 8 lakh or less.
3. Merit-cum-poverty(MCP) scholarshipsfor10%studentsineverydiscipline. Meritorious General category Diploma Students of 1st, 2nd& 3rd Year of this Institution for award of Merit-Cum-Poverty Stipend. The parent’s annual income from all sources should not exceed 4.5 Lakhs.
4. Post-metric scholarships (PMS)under PRERANA & other financial assistance sanctioned by Govt. from time to time for ST/SC/OBC/SEBC/Minority Community students in all institutions.
5. Financial assistance to complete the study, if the parents / financial guardian of the student dies during study period.
6. One time scholarship of Rs.6000/- to eligible Topper students in each semester examination.
7. Financial Assistant to Children of son/wards of Construction Workers up to Rs. 40,000/-.
8. National Scholarship / Junior Scholarship basing on HSC Marks.
9. Financial Assistance for Girl Toppers.
10. Financial Assistance under “VIDYARTHI SURAKSHYA” group Insurance scheme.

Any other welfare scheme as notified by the Government from time to time.