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 Here are the links of the Lecture Notes. 

  1. Lect. Note Engg. Mechatronic 5th sem J. Dash (PTGF Mechanical)

  2. Lect. Note Engg. Phy 1st Sem B. Sahu (Sr. Lect. Physics)

  3. Lect. Note_Engg. Chem_1st Sem_ Jnyana R Mishra (Lect. Chemistry)

  4. Lect. Note Electrical Machine-2 S. Mohanty (Sr. Lect. Electrical)

  5. Lect. Note SD-1 4th Semester S R Misra (Lect. Civil)

  6. Lect. Note Survey-1 4th Semester T.K. Mallick (Lect. Civil)

  7. Lect. Note Thermal Engineering-1 3rd Semester A. Biswas( Lect. Mech)

  8. Lect. Note_Engg.Math_1st Year_M. K. Mahalik(Lect. Mathematics)

  9. Lect. Note ACM & CAEE 6th Sem J. Sabar (Sr. Lect. Civil)

  10. Lect. Note Comm. English 1st Sem_H. Kumbhar (Lect. English)

  11. Lect. Note DE & MP 5th Semester S.P. Samantaraya (Lect. Electronics)

  12. Lect. Note EC S. Kar (Lect. Electrical)

  13. Lect. Note Electrical Engineering Material 3rd Sem R.P. Panigrahi (PTGF Electrical)

  14. Lect. Note Computer Application 1st Sem M M Khatua ( Lect. Computer Application)

  15. Lect. Note EM 3rd Semester M K Lenka ( Lect. Mechanical)

  16. Lecture Note Concrete-technology- 6th Semester Tapas Ranjan Mishra (Lect Civil)

  17. lecture Note Highway Engg. 4th Sem Sidhanta Mohanty (Lect. Civil)

  18. Lecture Note ADVANCE MANUFACTURING PROCESS 6th sem A Tarai Lect. (Mechanical)lect

  19. Lecture Note TOM 4th sem Ashish Pradhan Lect Mechanical

  20. Lecture Note IEM notes 6th sem DD Patel Lect Mechanical

  21. Lect Note Engineering Math-I R Biswal (PTGF Math).pdf
  22. Lect Note IE&M S Pradhan (PTGF Mechanical)

  23. Lect Note CNT K Bag (PTGF Electrical)

  24. Lect Note EME S.K Mallick (PTGF Mechanical)

  25. Lect Note EMI S Ojha(PTGF Electrical)

  26. Lect Note Fluid Mechanics S.K Bag (PTGF Mechanical)